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Immerse yourself in the world of wellness in Kopřivná and let yourself be carried away by a wave of relaxation and well-being. There’s nothing better than a well deserved rest in a warm spa with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. Combine relaxation in a warmed-up lounge with the unique experience of an outdoor bath in clean air and massages by our professionals.

For your complete relaxation and rest of body and mind, you can enjoy a thermal swimming pool with a counter-current and hot tubs on the outside terrace. The naturally themed interior contains a Finnish sauna, bio sauna and lounge with a fireplace. For tired feet we have the Kneipp path - a hydrotherapy treatment that supports the lymphatic and nervous system.

In the summer season, the relaxation possibilities are complemented by heated outdoor pools with a water slide and massage jets on the main terrace of the hotel.

From the slopes and your trips, straight to us! For the whole family ...


Enjoy an evening of peace and quiet with your partner in our private wellness hotel. 

Exclusive access to our hotel wellness is available between 22:00 and 24:00.

To intensify the perfection of your experience a free bottle of sparkling wine will be prepared for you.

Price for using our private wellness is CZK 1,500.


Face and low neck massage with argan oil

Massage has a positive effect on the nerve endings of the skin and thus positively affects the entire nervous system. It improves the blood circulation of the skin and, thanks to the oxygen supply, the products of tissue metabolism are better washed off. The skin's oldest cells are removed, so the skin gets a younger look. By means of special pulls, it is possible, to some extent, to delay wrinkle formation and affect the condition of the scars.
Argan oil, also called Moroccan gold, has a beneficial effect on skin aging. It smoothes and softens the skin, naturally protects it from external influences, moisturizes and delivers important bioactive substances. The smell of unrefined argan oil reminds of mouldy cheese.

Price / 30 min. / 490 CZK

Anti-stress massage

An anti-stress massage focuses on body parts that are mostly affected by stress - especially back, neck, shoulders, head, face, and low neck. The procedure provides relaxation and helps for headaches.
It is especially suitable for those clients who are under pressure and stress or need to rest. It brings a sense of harmony, tranquillity and well-being.


Price / 60 min. / 850 CZK

The healing power of stones

The healing power of stones Fall under the spell of lava stones. Through heated lava stones, you'll undergo a heat treatment that deeply regenerates your body and spirit.

Massage of the back and legs with heated lava stones

Duration: 60 min.
Price 690 CZK

Children's Massage

So that your children feel comfortable too, we have prepared an offer of children's massages, which effectively help to bring comfort and relaxation to children and at the same time serve as a prevention against various health problems.
Vegetable oils not only nourish but also soften and regenerate the children's skin. Aromatherapeutic cosmetics help for a variety of children's problems that are health related. The undoubted advantage of aromatherapy is the long-term enhancement of children's immunity, which happens in the most natural way.
The massage lasts 20 minutes and is recommended from the age of 6, the upper age limit for children's aroma massage is 15 years old.


Price / 30 min. / 350 CZK

Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage is focused on the elimination of fatigue, stress and tension relief. It also relaxes the tired muscles. It is a very gentle massage of the body, which, together with the special massage oil, intensely counteracts stress, depression, fatigue of the body and brings a comforting feeling.
Price / 60 min. / 750 CZK
Price / 30 min. / 430 CZK

Classic massage with a body wrap

The positive effect of classic massage is supported by a wrapping of your choice:
• Jesenic herb - it has a cooling effect, relieves the muscles and back pains, and is suitable for mild cooling.
• Hemp - detoxification, firming and rejuvenation with analgesic effect and local warming.
• Peat - it increases blood circulation, works well on stiff muscles, releases back pain, helps in healing of skin eczema.

Price / 45 min. / 650 CZK

Classic massage

The classic massage releases tense muscles, relieves pain and improves circulation, bringing harmony for body and spirit. Massage reduces toxins, speeds up wound healing, and helps recovery after illnesses.

Price / 60 min. / 790 CZK
Price / 30 min. / 450 CZK

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